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isit our charming shops, dine in our delicious restaurants, take a walking tour through the Centennial Covered Bridge and on to see the colorful murals and historic architecture.

“A walkable downtown is dense with art galleries, museums, bookstores, boutiques and cafes. Many artistic murals grace the sides of buildings, documenting Cottage Grove’s small town spirit and community pride.” –Eugene Cascades and Coast/Travel Lane County

 Cottage Grove Historic Downtown Walking Tour


Featured Business:

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Jack Sprats

510 Main Street, Cottage Grove

Jack Sprats

On February 15th, 2013 Chloe Beckes opened her restaurant Jack Sprats in Historic Downtown Cottage Grove, Oregon. Chloe spent much of her time in college doing homework and connecting with her future husband at the coffee shop that is now the home to Jack Sprats. She had spent years dreaming and preparing to one day own her restaurant to provide a space for good food whether you be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or have no dietary restrictions at all. Chloe has put together a menu to accommodate for all kinds of diets because of her vegetarian backgrounds and the allergies of her son. This menu includes desserts made by Chloe herself along with a number of entrees primarily made by Scott Boyles, who has been with Jack Sprats from the very beginning.

Along with its function as a restaurant focused on the theme of Jack Sprats’ fat and lean, the restaurant greatly supports the world of the arts. On most weekends, an acoustic band called Perfect Flavor can be found playing in the restaurant to enhance the intimate feeling of the venue. Covering the walls of the restaurant, various works of art made by local artists that took the time to connect with Chloe can be found and purchased. The art is switched out approximately every six weeks with a new artist’s work, and one of the next featured artists is actually one of the staff members of Jack Sprats.

As if running a restaurant that doubles as an artistic space was not enough, Chloe has run for City Council, joined the Chamber of Commerce Board, the Chamber of Commerce Promotions Committee, the Cottage Grove Planning Committee, and has sometimes helped as a Harrison Elementary volunteer and baseball coach. Chloe Beckes has provided Cottage Grove’s Historic District with a wonderful restaurant that invites all kinds while continuing to be a valuable member of the Cottage Grove community.


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2016 featured Artist.

Truffles of the Southern Willamette Valley
Tuesday January 26th 5pm-7pm

Axe & Fiddle Public House, 657 E. Main Street, Cottage Grove



The CFWWC welcomes Scot Loring, mycologist, to present a talk entitled, “Truffles of the Southern Willamette Valley.” The world of truffles is extremely underexplored across the planet. We frequently walk right over them and almost never see these subterranean treasures. Even in Oregon, which is global epicenter of past and present truffle experts, new species are commonly encountered, including a new genus (a group of species) recently discovered locally near Dorena Lake and endemic to the Coast Fork Willamette River watershed — it is found nowhere else on Earth. What are truffles?  Where are they?  How do I recognize them?  How do I find them? What is their importance in local ecosystems?  These and many other questions will be addressed in our first speaker series event of 2016! Come and discover the hidden world of truffles under your feet!

For the past twenty years, mycologist Scot Loring has worked throughout the Pacific Northwest conducting various mycological and botanical research projects for a variety of entities including federal agencies, various universities, watershed councils, utility companies, and other clients.  He is founder and an owner of Pacific Crest Consulting LLC, an environmental consulting company, which among other projects is and has been conducting fungi research and monitoring projects for the Eugene District BLM since 2008.  Scot is currently co-authoring the book “The Rare Truffles of Oregon” with U.S. Forest Service mycologists at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory in Corvallis.  He has discovered thirty-seven species of fungi new to science in Oregon alone.


Come on down to Coast Fork Feed Store and Brew Station to get your healthy feed, enjoy local flavors, and have some home-grown fun!

Brew Station

Located just off Main St in the quaint and welcoming town of Cottage Grove, OR, the family owned and operated Brew Station and Coast Fork Feed Store is a unique business that provides the community with an affordable resource for high quality animal/pet feed and supplies, housewares, bee keeping needs, brewing and fermentation supplies AND a Tap Room with 12 taps and a handpicked selection of bottles of the very best local, and international, craft brews and hard ciders. Have a pint, enjoy a snack made with locally sourced ingredients,and buy a 32 or 64 oz growler to take home. The knowledgeable staff will help you find the best food for your furry friend, choose a beer brewing package or stock you up with hops, malts, or local honey, and always make you feel welcome and accommodated. We also have Bingo,Chess club, and brewers guild meetings monthly, as well as local musical talent on Fridays and Saturdays. Click here for more information.